CEO of Homebridge Financial – Peter Norden

Considered by his peers as a visionary and true professional, Peter Norden, CEO of HomeBridge Financial Services Inc., has over thirty five years of experience in the residential mortgage industry. In April 2012, Mr. Norden was appointed as the CEO of HomeBridge Financial. Before that, Mr. Norden served as the CEO and president of Opteum Financial Services, Inc., which he founded in 1999.

In his leadership role at Opteum Financial Services, Mr. Norden grew the mortgage origination and servicing business into a national platform licensed to operate across nearly all of the United States with revenues exceeding $60M per year. Six years after founding Opteum Financial Services, Mr. Norden sold the company to Bimini Capital Management, but stayed on as the Executive Vice President.

In the years before HomeBridge Financial and Opteum Financial, Peter Norden held leadership positions at several different residential mortgage companies. Acquiring Old Town Mortgage Corporation, formerly known as First Town Mortgage Corporation, Mr. Norden stepped in as the president and CEO. In 1999, Old Town Mortgage was sold to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation.

Today, Peter Norden serves on the Fannie Mae CEO Advisory Board and is a former president of the Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey. In 1975, Mr. Norden received his B.S. in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University.